Economic Security Corporation of Southwest Area

Agency's Community Needs Assessment

Economic Security Corporation's 2016-2020 Community Needs Assessment, Community Profile, Facilities/Map  and Survey.  2017 and 2018 updates are included, please click the pic to the left for updates. The 2019 Community Needs Assessment Update is to your right, click the picture for the 2 page update. (update: July 2019)  For questions or other information,  please contact Debbie Markman at or 417-627-2013.  (dated:  June 2018)


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Community Profile - Barton County 6.27.2016 View/Download
Community Profile - Jasper County 6.27.2016 View/Download
Community Profile - Newton County 6.27.2016 View/Download
Community Profile - McDonald County, MO 6.27.2016 View/Download
ESC's Facilities Location and Map View/Download
Four County Community Profiles View/Download
2015-16 Head Start Early Head Start Parent Satisfaction Survey Results View/Download
Customer Survey Final View/Download
ESC's Customer Survey Results Summary View/Download
ESC CNA's 2016 Executive Summary View/Download